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Zebra Technologies unveils SmartPack Trailer solution to optimize loading operations
Zebra Technologies Corporation announced SmartPack Trailer which provides the transportation and logistics industry with real-time operational visibility. SmartPack Trailer captures load density, trailer fullness, packages scanned and loaded per hour, and other relevant data and visuals, helping organizations achieve optimal performance and profitability. This is in line with Zebra’s Enterprise Asset Intelligence strategy of capturing operational data at the point of activity and then analyzing that data to derive actionable insights for personnel and dock managers. [See Zebra media release and SmartPack Trailer page] -- Posted Friday, April 14, 2017 by chb

Juniper Systems Geode sub-meter GNSS receiver
Using modern positioning technology to determine location on the planet within two or three meters is incredible. But sometimes it's not good and accurate enough. That's where sub-meter accuracy comes in. In a recent Juniper Systems blog post, John Florio discusses their Geode sub-meter GPS receiver, a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable GPS solution that works with Windows, Windows Mobile and Android devices. Geode can be mounted on a pole, in a pack, or held in your hand. The systems offers all-day battery life, optional GLONASS capability, and connects either via Bluetooth or wire. The Geode is also compatible with Juniper Systems Aspect software, and many other mapping applications available such as Esri Collector for ArcGIS, ArcPad, and more. [See Let’s talk Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver] -- Posted Monday, April 10, 2017 by chb

Handheld appoints new President of Its North American subsidiary
Handheld Group announced the appointment of Mike Zelman as President of its North American subsidiary, Handheld US. Mike Zelman has been on the Handheld US board since its inception and most recently served as Vice President of Business Development for Handheld Group. Prior to joining Handheld, he served as Vice President of Marketing for Merix, a leading global manufacturer of complex interconnect solutions. He has also held management positions within the mobile computing division at Trimble, the electrical component business at Flextronics, and the semiconductor group within Agilent Technologies. [See Handheld media release] -- Posted Thursday, March 16, 2017 by chb

RuggedPCReview blog: Are "mobile" sites really needed?
A few days ago I used one of the readily available website analysis tools to check The resulting report gave me a stern "site not mobile-optimized" lecture. "Mobile-optimized," of course, refers to the fact that sites on the one-size-fits-all world wide web are being viewed on a very wide range of devices with a very wide range of screen sizes. And it is certainly true that viewing a webpage on a 27-inch display is a very different experience from viewing it on a 4.7-inch smartphone... [read blog article] -- Posted Friday, March 10, 2017 by chb

Zebra study: 7 in 10 retailers will invest in IoT technologies to revolutionize customer experience
Zebra Technologies published the results of their 2017 Retail Vision Study. The study revealed that nearly 70% of retail decision makers surveyed are ready to make changes to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT), and 65% plan to invest in automation technologies for inventory management and planogram compliance by 2021. This includes investment in mobile devices, kiosks and tablets to increase payment options, mobile point-of-sale, micro-locationing, big data predictive and software analytics for loss prevention and price optimization, and more. [See Zebra media release and one-page summary infographic] -- Posted Monday, March 6, 2017 by chb

Zebra announces Q4 and full year 2016 financials
Zebra Technologies announced net sales of $942 million in Q4 2016 compared to $951 million in Q4 2015. Net income for Q4 2016 was $17 million, compared with a net loss of $28 million for Q4 2015. Full year 2016 sales were $3.574 billion in Q4 2016 compared to $3.65 billion in 2015. Net loss for 2016 was $137 million, compared with a net loss of $158 million in 2015. Of 2016 net sales, 65.2% came from the Enterprise division (i.e. the former Motorola Solutions enterprise division) and 34.8% from Legacy Zebra. In 2015, the split was 64.9 to 35.1%. Zebra CEO Anders Gustafsson said, "Zebra entered 2017 with an unmatched portfolio of innovative solutions, a solid backlog, and a healthy pipeline of opportunities to drive profitable sales growth." [See Zebra Q4 2016 financials] -- Posted Thursday, February 23, 2017 by chb

HazLoc Primer
Despite of its crucial importance to the safety of equipment and personnel, the hazardous location (HazLoc) market is poorly understood outside the small circle of people who are directly involved with it. Even insiders often struggle with describing what "HazLoc" really means, what "intrinsic safety" is, and what all the various classifications pertaining to hazardous location safety mean. In general, it's assumed that "HazLoc" is something military or something with poisons and perhaps industrial waste. For a better understanding, see our new HazlLoc Primer, prepared with the help of BARTEC, a world leader in explosion protection. [See HazLoc Primer] -- Posted Friday, December 30, 2016 by chb

KARI selects Zebra Technologies to enhance retail supply chain operations
Zebra Technologies announced the deployment of 2,000 Zebra MC2100 mobile computers to cover all KARI shoe stores in Russia. The deal will enable KARI, one of the largest shoe retailers in Eastern Europe, to increase the quality of service and effectively manage inventory. The Zebra МС2100 is integrated into KARI’s internal stock-balance management system and its centralized database, allowing users to effectively control KARI`s supply chain in real time. [See Zebra media release] -- Posted Monday, December 19, 2016 by chb

Zebra launches updated TC70x ultra-rugged handheld with either Android or Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise
Now that Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise is finally here to replace the old Windows Mobile/Embedded Handheld, industry leaders are starting to offer rugged handheld hardware that supports both of the operating systems. The latest example is Zebra's updated TC70x ultra-rugged touch computer. Newly equipped with hexa-core Snapdragon processors and a slew of tech enhancements, the 4.7-inch handheld with integrated industrial-grade scanner is targeted at various enterprise deployments. [See description, analysis and specs of the Zebra TC70x] -- Posted Wednesday, December 14, 2016 by chb

Draeger's supermarkets increases profitability with Janam mobile computers
Janam Technologies announced that Draeger’s Supermarkets, an upscale grocery chain in one of the most tech-savvy cities in the United States, has deployed XG3 rugged mobile computers from Janam to improve inventory management in its grocery and housewares departments. Equipped with Zebra’s SE965 laser scan engine, Janam’s XG3 provides Draeger’s with rapid and accurate barcode scanning to drastically reduce the time needed to complete in-store tasks. Utilizing a custom Wavelink Terminal Emulation client designed especially for Janam’s XG3, Draeger’s provides mobile workers with access to applications residing on their host system, while ensuring productivity is optimized. [See Janam media release] -- Posted Thursday, December 1, 2016 by chb

Case study: Meat distribution company improves quality control in refrigerated storage facilities
Even small environmental changes can make an enormous difference when it comes to food preservation. For food distributors, a storage and transportation climate that's just one degree too warm or a few percentage points too dry can compromise the quality of deliverables — and impact revenue. Fridosa is Bolivia's largest meat-product exporter. Its offerings include cuts of meat, burgers, breaded meat, sausages and potato snacks. They chose the Handheld Group's Nautiz X3 to improve quality control in refrigerated storage facilities. [Read Turning a Cool Profit with Rugged Mobile Computers — A meat distribution company improves quality control in refrigerated storage facilities] -- Posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 by chb

Quo Vadis, rugged handheld market?
Rugged handhelds are a roughly US$3 billion market that hasn't been growing as of late, initially because legacy Microsoft OS platforms were stranded, then because of uncertainty over Android, and now over uncertainty on whether to go with Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise (whew! what a name!) or Android. Microsoft's vision of universal apps hasn't taken off as of yet, and there's increasing competition from inexpensive and increasingly better sealed smartphones. VDC Research published a new report on overall market opportunity for rugged handheld devices that can shed some light on things, both challenges and opportunities. [See executive brief of VDC's The Global Market for Rugged Handheld Computers and Smartphones for Line-of-Business Application -- Posted Friday, November 4, 2016 by chb

Case study: Rugged technology helps GIS professionals calculate utility pole measurements for telecom companies
Utility poles are prime real estate for telecommunications companies. Businesses jockey for space on these poles, which hold not only electricity wiring, but also cellphone equipment, cable television and fiber optic cables and antennas, and more. The process of adding a specific company's equipment to a utility pole isn't easy, and it's highly regulated. Handheld Group's Nautiz X8 rugged computer helps improve efficiency, saving significant time, and increasing profits for GIS contractors and their clients. [See For Good Measure — Rugged technology helps GIS professionals calculate utility pole measurements for telecom companies] -- Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2016 by chb

Q2 rugged mobile market shows uneven YoY growth
VDC Research reports that the global rugged mobile market saw uneven growth between Q2 2015 and Q2 2016. Stabilized Q2 2016 markets allowed for year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth for rugged tablets and notebooks, while the handheld/PDA market experienced a weaker Q2 YoY compared with Q2 2015. Regionally, Asia-Pacific experienced YoY growth across rugged notebook, handheld, and tablet form factors, while only the tablet market grew in the Americas and the notebooks saw YoY growth in EMEA. [See Rugged Mobile Quarterly Shipments Q2 2016] -- Posted Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by chb

A good thing to peruse: Microsoft's support lifecycle for embedded systems
When it comes to operating systems, the end of what Microsoft calls mainstream and extended support doesn't necessarily mean people will stop using them. One in ten PC users is still on Windows XP, and nearly half are still on Windows 7. It's a bit different in industrial and enterprise applications where service and support can be big issues. So on the handheld systems side of things, mainstream for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 ended 4/9/2013 and extended support will end 4/10/2018. And for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 mainstream support ended 1/13/2015, and extended support will end 1/14/2020. [See detailed list of Microsoft's embedded systems support lifecycles] -- Posted Friday, September 30, 2016 by chb

Full review: Janam XT2 ultra-rugged touch computer
There's an increasing global demand for smartphone-style handhelds with industrial durability and extensive data collection technology. These are devices that look and work like modern smartphones, but won't break in the field and on the job. RuggedPCReview tested Janam's XT2, a super-tough, IP67-sealed handheld with an excellent 5-inch multi-touch display, integrated GPS, NFC/RFID reading, industrial grade scanning, and optional mag stripe reading and mobile broadband. We reviewed the Android version of the Janam XT2, but the impressive device is also available with Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise. [See full review of the Janam XT2] -- Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2016 by chb

Janam Launches XT2 with Microsoft Windows 10
Janam Technologies LLC announced that Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise operating system is now available on its 5-inch XT2 rugged touch computers. Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise, which is the replacement for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded Handheld, provides maximum security, reliability and performance, and enables interoperability between the XT2 and IoT devices, independent of operating system protocols and platforms. Janam CEO Harry B. Lerner said "We’re thrilled to be among the first companies in our industry to bring Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system to customers who require it." [See Janam media release] -- Posted Thursday, September 8, 2016 by chb

Wavelink terminal emulation available on Janam’s XG3 rugged mobile computers
Janam Technologies announced that customers of its XG3 rugged, gun-shaped, mobile computer now have access to a custom Wavelink Terminal Emulation client. Wavelink TE allows more than 10 million mobile devices worldwide to access, manage and maintain connections to host system applications, enhancing IT staff and mobile workforce productivity,and allowing organizations to spend less time on support and more time on improving operational efficiencies. [See Janam media release] -- Posted Thursday, August 18, 2016 by chb

Janam teams with FieldStack to empower retailers
Janam Technologies LLC announced that its XM5 has been selected as the preferred rugged mobile computing platform for retailers using FieldStack’s lean retail software that provides inventory automation as well as optimization of the POS experience, e-commerce, loyalty programs and staff management. Doug Lloyd, Janam VP of Global Sales Operations said, “It is very gratifying when the strengths of a product like the XM5 – specifically, its small size, light weight, blazing fast computing speed, all-day battery life and best-in-class barcode scanning – come together to support a winning software solution like the one from FieldStack.” [See Janam media release] -- Posted Thursday, July 14, 2016 by chb

IST selects Janam to power its facilities management solution
Janam Technologies announced that IST Management Services, the nation’s largest, independently-owned facilities management services provider, has deployed Janam XM5 rugged mobile computers with dual-OS support to improve mailroom and package delivery, copy center and equipment management, and hospitality services. Harry B Lerner, CEO, Janam Technologies said, "IST Management Services is one of the fastest-growing facilities management companies in the industry. With Janam's laser focus on excellence, we are honored to have helped IST achieve exceptional levels of service that meet or exceed client expectations.” [See Janam media release] -- Posted Wednesday, June 15, 2016 by chb

Free Juniper Geode webinar June 16, 1:00-1:30PM EST
Juniper Systems will be demonstrating their new universal Geode sub-meter GNSS receiver in a free webinar, held on Thursday, June 16th, 1:00 to 1:30PM Eastern Standard Time. Learn about the Geode, and how it can easily go with you mounted on a pole, in a pack, or held in your hand to collect real-time sub-meter GNSS data in harsh environments, using almost any handheld device. [Sign up for free Juniper Geode webinar] -- Posted Monday, June 13, 2016 by chb

Juniper introduces the Geode rugged sub-meter GNSS receiver
Rugged data collection solution provider Juniper Systems, announced its newest product, the Geode—a real-time, sub-meter GNSS receiver. The IP68-sealed Geode features one-button simplicity and can be used with any of Juniper Systems’ rugged handhelds, as well as a wide range of Windows, Windows Mobile, and Android devices, ideal for bring-your-own-device workplaces. [See Juniper's media release and tthe Juniper Geo page] -- Posted Monday, June 13, 2016 by chb

Buckeye Mountain selects Janam for its RFID tag reading solution
Janam announced that Janam’s XM2-RFID for Rail mobile computer is a recommended mobile computing hardware for Buckeye Mountain’s Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) Quick Read application. Buckeye Mountain selected Janam’s XM2-RFID for Rail because it is the lightest, fastest and most affordable RFID-reading solution for the railroad industry. “We enjoy working with partners that share our passion for disrupting the status quo in industries that crave innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our partnership with Buckeye Mountain focuses on helping rail organizations manage their operations more efficiently and more economically, with real-time access to business intelligence.” [See Janam media release] -- Posted Tuesday, May 24, 2016 by chb

Zebra Technologies study finds seven in ten decision makers to accelerate warehouse technology investment by 2020
Zebra Technologies announced the results of its latest Warehouse Vision Study, which compares input from 1,378 IT and operations warehouse professionals. It shows how responses shifted between 2013 and 2015, as well as on expectations in 2015 versus 2020. In essence, consumer expectations will drive increased investment in IT and operational functions in warehouses over the next four years as manufacturing and logistics companies continue to adjust to delivering directly to consumers. In 2013 that meant more warehouse locations, but in 2015 emphasis is on more items shipped, shorter delivery times, labor performance and order accuracy. This means moving to more modern, full-featured warehouse management systems, real-time location systems, bar code scanning, voice picking, tablets, and IoT projects. Mark Wheeler, director, Warehouse Solutions, Zebra Technologies, said, "We see this as an enormous area of opportunity: providing workers with the tools they need to do their jobs accurately and productively will help companies meet and exceed customer expectations for accuracy and on-time delivery." [See Zebra news release and Warehousing 2020 infographic] -- Posted Tuesday, April 26, 2016 by chb

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  • Motorola MC3190-Z
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  • Intermec CV41
  • Bluebird Pidion BM-170
  • Bluebird Pidion BIP-7000
  • Bluebird Pidion BIP-6000
  • Bluebird Pidion BIP-5000
  • Winmate G570Z
  • Psion Omnii XT15
  • Janam XG105
  • DTResearch DT410
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  • Janam XG100
  • Janam XM60+ and XM66
  • ADLINK TIOT9000 (WinCE)
  • BAP Precision S-Series
  • Datalogic Rhino 10
  • Casio IT-300
  • Winmate 3.7" Rugged Handheld
  • Unitech PA690
  • Radix FW960
  • Handheld Group Nautiz X3
  • DAP M1000
  • Unitech PA550
  • Juniper Mesa Geo
  • Magellan eXplorist Pro 10
  • Psion EP10
  • Advantech TREK-510/303L
  • ACC Systems AT870
  • DAP Technologies M9010
  • Eurotech Zypad WL1500
  • LXE Tecton
  • Trimble Ranger 3
  • Datalogic Falcon X3
  • Intermec CN70
  • Intermec CN70e
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  • Motorola MC55A0
  • Eurotech HRC-4200
  • Eurotech HRC-3100
  • DAP M2000 Series
  • Casio IT-800
  • Aceeca PDA32
  • Psion Teklogix Omnii XT10
  • Intermec CS40
  • Motorola MC75A0-MC
  • Juniper Systems Mesa
  • Motorola ES400
  • Juniper Systems TK6000
  • Motorola MC75A
  • Datalogic Elf
  • Unitech HT680
  • Psion Teklogix WorkAbout 3
  • Motorola MC3090-Z
  • Juniper Systems TK6000
  • Casio DT-X30
  • Motorola MC3100
  • Handheld US Nautiz X7
  • Datalogic Memor
  • Motorola MC9500
  • Getac PS236
  • Handheld US Nautiz X5
  • LXE MX9
  • Juniper Archer Longbow
  • Two Technologies Hydrus
  • Unitech PA968
  • Unitech PA600 PE
  • Advantech PWS-8033M
  • Datalogic R Series
  • Datalogic New Memor
  • Juniper Archer/XF101 dGPS
  • GETAC PS535F
  • Unitech PA600 HF
  • Casio IT-3100
  • Intermec CN50
  • Intermec CN4e
  • Intermec CN4
  • Two Technologies Hydrus Luna
  • Socket Somo 650rx
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  • Motorola MC55 EDA
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  • Trimble Yuma
  • DT Research WebDT 400
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  • Advantech MARS-1030
  • Datalogic Kyman
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  • LXE MX3XPlus
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  • Trimble GeoExplorer 2008
  • NEXCOM 2100 Series
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  • Unitech PA600
  • Unitech PA966
  • Unitech PA982
  • Unitech RH767
  • General Dynamics Sectera Edge
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  • Amrel ROCKY Patriot DA5-M
  • Juniper Systems Allegro
  • Casio DT-X7
  • Psion Teklogix ikon
  • Intermec CK61EX
  • Intermec CK32IS
  • Intermec CN3
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