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DURABOOK is a core brand of Twinhead International Corporation, which specializes in the production of ruggedized computers and is one of the key systems vendors and suppliers in the rugged mobile computing and IPC industries. Twinhead was founded in 1984, and the company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Target industries of the DURABOOK brand are military and defense, field services (including utilities, water, gas and electricity), government, public safety, transportation and healthcare. DURABOOK's product line consists of semi-rugged to fully rugged tablets, mobile computers and convertibles, medical tablets, AIOs or vehicle and panel PCs, and other customizable mother boards and systems.

Every DURABOOK product can be further customized to target wide-ranging vertical markets with specific populations and usage applications. DURABOOK also offers custom-made, bundle solutions aside from its standard turn-key products.

Committed to manufacturing every product in an eco-friendly, environmentally responsible way, all DURABOOK rugged devices are engineered to be "green" and produced in "clean factories," meeting international standards in waste component recycling.

DURABOOK rugged computers are designed and equipped with the latest Intel Core processors and have passed MIL-STD-810 tests for drops, shocks, spills and other environmental impacts, ensuring that DURABOOK users working in the harshest of environments—whether indoors or outdoors—can maintain productivity without the risk of data, power or performance loss.

Looking forward, DURABOOK will continue to pursue its proven strategy of providing comprehensive services, diversified products that fill real-world needs, and flexible production for the benefit of its worldwide customer base. Durabook will also continue to offer different solutions to meet different needs and specialized requirements. With its time-proven core capabilities and expertise in developing unique solutions for special fields and vertical markets, DURABOOK is in a strong position as a leading IPC system provider and your best partner for all your industrial computing needs.

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    Sales Center in China

    GammaTech to show rugged computers designed for healthcare professionals at HIMSS 2017
    GammaTech announced the company will be partnering with Lund Industries to showcase their DURABOOK line of mobile rugged computer options for medical professionals at HIMSS 2017 in the Lund Industries booth, #3203. The HIMSS 2017 Annual Conference will take place February 19-23 in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. GammaTechís DURABOOK line of rugged computers will be mounted to Lund Industriesí DataCart products, resulting in state-of-the-art care carts ideal for use in medical situations such as telemedicine, behavioral health, stroke and nursing home use, where dependable technology can ensure that the professionalís attention will be focused on the patient. [See GammaTech media release] -- Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2017 by chb

    GammaTech DURABOOK S15AB with large 15.6-inch screen
    When it comes to laptops, sometimes nothing other than a really big screen will do. GammaTech reminds that its DURABOOK S15AB is currently the only 15.6-inch semi-rugged notebook on the market. RuggedPCReview examined the S15AB in detail earlier this year, found it an exceptionally well constructed machine with very good performance from its Intel Broadwell processor, full-shift battery life, and we loved that large, bright, semi-matte display. [See GammaTech media release and our full review of the DURABOOK S15AB] -- Posted Thursday, December 8, 2016 by chb

    Analysis: GammaTech's updated DURABOOK R11 with keyboard
    In July, GammaTech announced it was now making available a special keyboard to go with its thin, lightweight DURABOOK R11 rugged tablet. That way, the R11 could work not only as a tablet, but also as a laptop, making it a more complete high-performance mobile computing solution. The resulting combination can be used for any mobile application subject to constant movement, bumpy rides, or use in damp or dusty areas, and where real-time information and updating is crucial. RuggedPCReview has now had the chance to examine GammaTech's solution. [See GammaTech DURABOOK R11 + keyboard] -- Posted Tuesday, September 13, 2016 by chb

    GammaTech's rugged DURABOOK SA14 notebook gets comprehensive tech updates
    GammaTech announced that it has made some significant updates to its popular multi-use DURABOOK SA14 14-inch rugged notebook computer. Updates include a choice from four Intel 6th generation Skylake turbo processors featuring Intel HD Graphics 520; greater system memory; enhanced wireless/communications capability; added interface options; the inclusion of Microsoft Windows 10 operating system; and a longer warranty period. [See GammaTech DURABOOK SA14 product page] -- Posted Thursday, September 8, 2016 by chb

    GammaTech adds detachable keyboard option to Its popular DURABOOK R11 tablet
    GammaTech announced the addition of an optional detachable keyboard for its 11.6-inch DURABOOK R11 rugged tablet. "Rugged mobile tablets, such as our DURABOOK R11, make it possible to have the Internet, high-definition cameras, spreadsheets, GPS capability, and more at users' fingertips, no matter where their jobs take them," stated Tom Wang, GammaTech president. "Add in a keyboard, and that handy tablet now acts like a laptop, with all of the pluses of easily using word processing programs, updating files, and writing emails at the job site thrown in." [See GammaTech media release] -- Posted Wednesday, July 20, 2016 by chb

    GammaTech introduces highly customizable ultra-rugged, Broadwell-powered all-in-one military PC
    Field computing hardware available to military and homeland defense customers is often quite obsolete. That's where GammaTech's new Intel Broadwell powered DURABOOK V10BB all-in-one military PC comes in. Providing no fewer than 24 programmable buttons and astounding ruggedness specs, the V10BB skillfully merges state-of-the-art tech with legacy standards and requirements. [See GammaTech media release] and our description, analysis and specs of the DURABOOK V10BB] -- Posted Tuesday, July 5, 2016 by chb

    GammaTech and Precision Mounting Technologies deliver in-vehicle tablet computing solution
    GammaTech Computer Corp. and Precision Mounting Technologies (PMT) announced today that they have expanded their partnership in which PMT designs, develops, and delivers unique vehicle docks, universal cradles, and mounting infrastructure products specifically for use with GammaTech's DURABOOK rugged R11 tablet computer. The companies' combined tablet product offering is ideal for use in the hard-charging, on-the-move public safety and field services applications, as they provide users with durable, rugged tablet computers secured in safe, reliable mounting systems. [See GammaTech media release] -- Posted Monday, May 16, 2016 by chb

    Full review: GammaTech DURABOOK S15AB
    The 15.6-inch semi-rugged Gammatech DURABOOK S15AB, successor to the company's earlier full-size DURABOOKs S15C and S15H, is an Intel Broadwell-powered notebook computer designed to be tougher and more durable than standard consumer models, but without the extra bulk, weight and cost of a fully rugged design. Compared to earlier versions, this is a lighter, slimmer design with longer battery life. [See full review of the GammaTech DURABOOK S15AB] -- Posted Thursday, March 10, 2016 by chb

    GammaTech partners with En-Net Services to bring its rugged computers to government agencies
    GammaTech announced its newest partnership with En-Net, an information technology solutions supplier to public sector and government entities throughout the US. This partnership gives all En-Net customers access to GammaTechís entire Durabook line of rugged mobile computing solutions. [See GammaTech media release] -- Posted Wednesday, March 2, 2016 by chb

    GammaTech Durabook R8300 adds RFID reader to increase application security and efficiency
    GammaTech announced that its Durabook R8300 is the first fully rugged notebook to come with RFID dual frequency reader integration. The RFID reader adds security, reliability and the convenience of proximity and contactless identification. Exceeding or meeting the most difficult environmental specifications, the R8300 can safely be used in a multitude of applications such as those found in the military, public safety, and utility sectors. [See Gammatech media release and our review of the Durabook R8300] -- Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2016 by chb

    GammaTech's Intel Broadwell-powered DURABOOK S15AB: thinner and lighter
    There are times and applications that require a full-size notebook that's tougher than what consumer laptops can handle, but that's not as heavy and expensive as a fully-rugged notebook. That's where the new 15.6-inch Intel Broadwell-powered DURABOOK S15AB comes in. It's just 1.1 inches thick and weighs well under six pounds. [See description, analysis and specs of the GammaTech DURABOOK S15AB] -- Posted Tuesday, October 27, 2015 by chb

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